When copying text from another bullet point, the formatting is lost in some instances

  • Yes, copying over the formatting syntax.
  • No, just copy the text between the formatting syntax only.

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Edit: I’ve changed this post up a bit, to where this used to be a feature request with a poll, but I’ve moved this to the bugs section.

If you copy **bold**, it will paste as bold. The same goes for italics.

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I genuinely can’t imagine someone voting no. Even if they wanted to paste plain text—a perfectively reasonable intention I often want to have—there’s an easy way to achieve that in a system where formatting is by default preserved (paste into a plain text editor or something, then copy that), whereas there isn’t as easy a way to preserve formatting in a system that by default loses it.

User information should not be (implicitly) destroyed. Users should not be surprised.


I’m assuming this is for the “no” case?

Yes, and the current case win10/desktop+browser.

Sorry for not clarifying this in the OP.

@Yatharth_Agarwal, can you test this with italics and bold to see if it works as expected in OSX?

Sounds like a copy & paste bug, will fix!


Thank you! So far I’ve only noticed this with bold and italics, but not with text formatted as code.

Italics and bold don’t work, thought code formatting is indeed preserved in Chrome on OS X.

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Hi there!
I’m getting the same here: italics and bold are lost when I copy a texto from one bullet point and paste it into another one. Also, if I copy some text from a MS Word document and paste it into Dynalist, the italics and bold are gone. Is there some way to prevent this to happen? I’d really like to preserve the formatting when copying and pasting to Dynalist.

Have you tried to use ctrl+shift+v?

@erica do you have a status on this bug?

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Hi @JP1!
I’ve tried to use ctrl+shift+v, but unfortunately it didn’t work.
Thank’s for your reply!

You’re welcome. I’m sorry to hear that didn’t work out. What operating system and browser (or desktop app) are you using Dynalist on?

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I’m using Dynalist on Google Chrome (Windows 10). Should I try the desktop app?

I can reproduce the issue with formatting from Microsoft Word being lost, but not text from one part of a document on Dynalist to another.

That’s right, @JP1! I was about to write about this.
At the time when I wrote that, I was having trouble with preserving the formatting of texts copied from bullet points inside Dynalist. But I’ve recently made some tests and realized that this issue isn’t happening anymore. As for the material copied from Microsoft Word, the situation remains the same as I’ve described.

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Do you know if pasting from MS Word with the formatting preserved works elsewhere?

I’ve just made a test with Workflowy. It was interesting: if I copy a paragraph from a MS Word document and paste it with ctrl + v, the formatting is preserved but the text is “mutilated”: instead of being on a single bullet point, the fragment is divided inte pieces, each one being on a different bullet point; on the other hand, if I paste the paragraph with ctrl + shift + v, it did not get mutilated, but all the formatting gets lost.

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I apologize for this, as this shortcut is explicitly for pasting without any formatting. :man_facepalming:

No problem!

Hi there!
Is there some news about fixing this bug?
Just rememberig that the italics and bold are lost not only when the text is copied from a MS Word document; it also happens when the text is copied from a note at Evernote, for example.