When adding a new item, formats break

When I add a new item, the original format will break into another line. You can see in the 2W)EU%7D191%5DL%402QXV391E1%5BCpicture.
This is in explorer environment.

Sorry this is not mentioned anywhere yet, but we don’t support Internet Explorer.

Please use Microsoft Edge or other modern browsers instead (e.g. Chrome, Firefox). Sorry about the inconveniences!


I’m woodman Dynalist new user.
But I have similar symptoms .

IE11 version:11.0.9600.19002
update version:11.0.60(KB4103768)

There are many IE users in the world.
I think it’s wasteful not to support IE…

Thank you.

If possible, please use Microsoft Edge instead.

I understand there are many IE users out there, and I’m really sorry Dynalist is not supporting IE 11. IE 11 uses old technology and requires a lot of hacking on our end to patch it… We’d love to support it if we had more resources, but unfortunately right now we can’t afford that :frowning:


Thank you for your gracious response.
I understand.
I’m sorry to bother you.

Thanks for being so understanding!