What top 5 features/things would make you Dynalist more?

Disclaimer: I’m not a developer nor work on Dynalist. This question has simply been on my mind for a while.

For me, it’s:

  1. Revision History
  2. A drafts page
  3. Tabs within Dynalist, so that way I could quickly access multiple things easily.
  4. Better search options.

…And that’s all I can think of for now, but I’m sure former Workflowy power users might have a longer list.

Edit: a comparison list would be my fifth request

  1. Better Search Options (flat search, etc )
  2. WYSIWYG (a must) with this comes better formatting etc
  3. Tables !
  4. Better tag functions
  5. Improving checklists

as for your features…

  1. I would love revision history too, but still I havent feel the need for it yet. but would be a nice feature.
  2. drafts page = …mmm everything in Dynalist can be a draft page actually !
  3. tabs = cool but still we can nail it with chrome tabs… but I agree a native feature would be better
  1. Flat search (Similar to flatflowy from workflowy)
  2. Quick add notes via email or chrome extension (similar to evernote webclipper) to a designated doc and possibly even a designated default parent node
  3. API
  4. Basic table support

Those are my most 4 desired features at the moment

Everything else I feel like piotr’s already written a script for already


That seems about right, though the addition of tables makes me fearful that Dynalist could become bloated like Evernote. A dashboard would be a killer for me, but @piotr 's agenda could be the start for that.

ya i forgot about dashboard thats my #5

  1. improved search (find and replace, search by date)
  2. tables
  3. flat search
  4. better copy/paste, export functions
  5. in-line highlighting and comments.

Thanks for looking at my requests!

  1. Its good for collaboration. Other than that, I probably wouldn’t use it.
  2. Right, but then it would be hard to organize, although I guess you could always start from anywhere and then move the bullet point later.
  3. This would help me easily compare two notes to each other and reduces the distance my mouse would have to travel to switch tabs, and also allows me to see the tabs I have open in my browser without the icons disappearing… I’m lazy, so the three key keyboard shortcut is too much for me.
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My Top 5 Feature Request

  1. API
  2. Recurring Tasks
  3. Duration as extra option for Node with Due Dates so TimeBlocks in Calendar can be made
  4. Email to Dynalist
  5. Flatten Search Results , sorting by Due Dates

Bonus Requests

  1. Widget / Extension for iOS
  2. Theme Colours like in BearApp (Solarize Theme Most Wanted) cross Devices
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One More thing …

  1. Tag Groups Collapse like

    - Place 1
    - Place 2


    • Mike
    • Mark
    • Monica

in Tag Panel

  1. API
  2. Email to Dynalist/Web clipper
  4. Recurring tasks
  5. Flat search

Yeah, that’s our fear as well. We’re afraid to start doing anything before having a plan on how to do it without sacrificing the simplicity.


Goodmorning Erica,

Most Important it must be Simple, how i like @piotr extension it makes it more customize but also more less simple … Hope to see new features become an part with an single click or shortcut to activate…

So i can Dynalist as my Main System i have dropped my Things3 by CulturedCode and using Dynalist for everything… maybe it can also replace my DayOne for Journaling …

Looking forward to the Next Steps and to iOS11 … for my iPad Pro will that be an Productivity Boost with Dynalist, that said it would be helpful to have Slide Over feature so i can drag my stuff into Dynalist …

Tables can be created in markdown already - it’s vanilla HTML… unless we’re trying to create more advanced tables, I don’t see how it would slow anything down.

I love Dynalist and use it daily. Here are a few things that would make it even better for me:

  • Flat List Search Results. This would allow me to search for, say, tasks due today, and see them all as a single list instead of a hierarchy. (I perceive this as a view of the found nodes – I’m not proposing that they would actually be moved around in the hierarchy.) It would be nice to be able to edit the text and complete the tasks too.
  • Sortable search results. In addition to the above I’d love to be able to sort the results. For project management, this would allow me to, for example, search for tasks due in the next week, ordered by due date. For story planning, this would allow me to, for example, find all the events in each character’s history and view them as a single unified timeline. This feature would be super userful for me.
  • Alphabetical sorting of tags. I like the current sorting by frequency, it’s very useful. Sometimes I’m looking for a specific tag, and it’s hard to find the one I want when sorted by frequency.
  • Hierarchy or grouping of tags. It would be handy to be able to view my tags by group or hierarchy. For example, seeing all context tags together, or character tags together, or all storyline tags together.
  • Export formatted code and links. Currently if I export or copy-and-paste a formatted outline, some elements are not rendered as HTML. Bold and Italic render to HTML fine, but code blocks and links remain formatted as Markdown. This is frustrating when I am, for example, exporting meeting notes to an email for coworkers.

@JP1, thanks for bringing up this topic.

Dev team, Dynalist is a fantastic app and I love that you listen to your users!

Thanks much,


  1. Outlook add-in (copy mail GRUD/link) like todoist
  2. WYSIWYG (like bear app)
  3. Search & Replace like search & replace :slight_smile:
  4. Count selected items
  5. Recurring tasks

More themes
More layout options like:

  • hover menu to see it
  • Document align center / mid / right / left
    More fonts
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That’s the only one I don’t understand…

My guess is to have menus fully appear in place of the tooltip when the cursor is hovered over them.

Excatly ! :slight_smile:
That the menus (Top and on the right) are barely visible and if You hover on them it’s fully visible.

About that → Center doc alignment is to center :smiley: and w/o this option is too much on the right side. I would like to have something between those two option. Please don’t take me wrong I’m not complaining :grin: If this will not change I’m still ok :slight_smile:

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No worries, there’s no misunderstanding! Thank you very much for the suggestions and for the clarification :slight_smile:

To be honest, by far the most important thing to me is the API. I would very much like it if dynalist existing as a foundational tool with a great API, and then future UI features were done by other parties/packages.