What Search Rules Apply to Move?

When I use Cmd-Shift-M (or Ctrl-Shift-M) to move an item, the search does not behave like the magnifying glass search. What rules/operators apply to Move’s search?

Near as I can tell it implements “contains the letters you entered, in the order you entered them, with space treated as a wildcard.” Could we get an “Item Mover Search operators reference” page to accompany the “Search operators reference” page, even if it says “Implements only fuzzy search” (and then defines fuzzy search)?

Plus it will prioritize current document before other documents. You have it correct. There’s nothing more to it, and no operators that I know of.

I’ll just add that it is inadequate as is. There are many times I give up and instead resort to Cut, Search, Open, Paste, because I couldn’t find it with Move.