What is Dynalist? Can it help me?

I understand it is an outlier software, thought I am really uncertain what that means.

I am using a combination of Evernote and Todoist right now. I looked at Dynalist yesterday and the UI is incredible and easy to navigate. But is it viable for use as a replacement to note taking software as well? A lack of notebooks is fine as there is tagging available but the lack of ability to import from Evernote makes things hard to transition to. I am thinking this software is supposed to be used in parallel with other note taking softwares?

DynaList is a mature app that has ended development but has ongoing maintenance. It works quite well for us loyalists.

In my experience, the embedding abilities are limited, but this is not an issue for me but if you do a lot of that with Evernote, you wouldn’t be happy with it as a replacement. Obsidian might be your cup of tea though.

DynaList is excellent for taking and organizing unlimited notes. It does support multiple documents. It does support images. If your main purpose is structuring and navigating text, it could definitely help you. Surely better than Evernote in this respect.

It is however an outliner and the formatting and styling is limited.