What has happened to the search in "Move to"?

Have there been any updates of Dynalist (Web) with changes in the search window when you select “Move to”?

I always needed just to enter a few words of a Topic/Subtopic before moving an item and my desired destination would pop-up.

Suddenly, this search seems kind of broken: even if I enter the exact name of a Topic/subtopic, irrelevant search hits populate the list and I cannot select the correct path to move my item.

E.g. From my Inbox, I want to move some text to another Document (called “Various”) under the subheading “KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT RELATED”.
I select Move to, and enter KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT RELATED, but the search list is clustered with all the instances where ANY of the words appear.

What has changed?

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Ongoing bug. They are working on a fix.

Actually I found another weighting issue with respect to searches from same documents being weighted too much. Will fix and deployed within a day.

(Also duplicate of Move to search algorithm problem )

Deployed to web. I’ve tested on my account, please let me know if it helps!

Much better! Although Checked items still get too high of a priority.

Fair enough, I’ve heard someone else say that too. Will adjust.

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