What happens to my uploaded files when I downgrade from Dynalist Pro?

I’m thinking of canceling my Pro subscription, but I have some uploaded files linked in my Dynalist.

What happens to those files when I cancel my subscription?

I’m having basically the same question.

I’m wondering what would happen to the URL Dynalist creates (the one are AmazonAWS) if for whatever reason in the future no longer having the Pro subscription (e.g., downgrading, Dynalist moving URLs to different provider than AWS, or even hopefully never, Dynalist shutting down, etc)

cc: @Erica

I have an expired Pro subscription and as far as I can see I can still access uploaded files from links that look like [my file](https://dynalist.io/u/some-random-chars).

I can’t upload any more files or access uploads manager. So if there are any uploads that aren’t linked anywhere - then I guess there’s no way to see them any more.