What Current Markdown-Based Outliner Is Closest To Dynalist

I’ve tried Obsidian and I’ve tried Logseq and several others, but I keep wanting a local program that works on my computer with similar features and workflow to Dynalist, with the focus on block outlining in the central window. Does anyone who is keeping track of developments on the general market have a suggestion as to the most Dynalist-like option available? If I thought I had control over my data using Dynalist with local files I’d probably not worry, but I want the functionality but also (preferably) the control over my data. Thanks

So - what’s closest to Dynalist other than Dynalist itself?

Thanks for any suggestions.

If you checkmark Offline Mode in the Dynalist desktop app, any document you then create will be stored locally only. That’s why that feature was released - a user had the same request as you.

The hierarchal structure and metadata is all there in json in the .data files, one file per document, and the markdown is in the fields. But basically you can move those files around and they’ll show up in the offline app.

Logseq is the next closest offline markdown outliner. There aren’t many other options out there, last I looked.

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