What apps make good sidekicks for Dynalist?

In other words, what apps fill in for the missing features?

I’ll start, by feature.

Geofencing - tasks appear as a phone notification when within x meter of a location

Google Keep. I manually add things. I only use it for geofenced items.

Add items by voice

Google Assistant (Smartwatch and Smart speaker) & IFTTT Pro - [Tutorial] Add to multiple inboxes! via any voice assistant! [IFTTT Webhooks]

Snooze (put off an item until time x)

Gmail & Google Calendar - I give the item a ! date so it syncs to Google Calendar. I set Google Calendar to send an email 3 hours before any event. I then use GMail’s snooze feature to I wish to snooze a second time.

Email inbox integration

I clear my GMail inbox by using Dynalist Companion Clipper to send each unfinished email to Dynalist. You must turn off “split view” in GMail for it show a unique URL for each email.


Scribble on iPad mini. It works very well in the iOS Dynalist app.


Onenote. I make a new page, then right click the page tab, and click Copy Link to Page, and paste it into dynalist. The link in the Dynalist app opens the page directly in the OneNote app.