Welcome to the Dynalist forum. Come say hi!

Let’s share what you use Dynalist for (if that’s not confidential), and your Dynalist tip! :blush:

I’ll go first: I’m Erica and I use Dynalist to work on Dynalist itself, keep track of deadlines in life, and take notes while reading books.

My tip: don’t use the file pane unless you’re just browsing. Always use the Finder to switch between documents and bookmarks, it’s soooo much faster :racehorse:

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Hey Erica, big fan of the app. Good luck with the forum, too!


Hi Erica! Just to say that I use Dynalist every day at the office to my IT proejcts. It’s easy, simple, works.

Paulo Camilo


I use Dynalist primarily to take notes on my programming courses. It’s much easier than managing a Wiki. You cannot imagine how glad I am to have Googled “Alternatives to Workflowy”.

My tip is to have a cloud storage service open in a new tab so that way you can reupload a file and change the link. I have yet to use this tip, of course. :slight_smile:

Others obvious tips that I have are:

  • Create first, sort later.
  • When finally finding something in Dynalist, add more details that will allow you to find it later just as easily, even if it’s gibberish to someone else (if it’s just your notes).
  • Learn all of the shortcuts to save yourself a lot of time.
  • Report bugs whenever you can. If you don’t have time to, put it in a document and then share it later.
  • Create your own Dynalist mobile app via GoNative.
  • Enable the public visibility of your files, in case you need to move them to another account. Fortunately the links for them are long enough to not be easily found by some rogue bot.

That tip about using finder is a good idea. I think to prevent the file names from looking long and ugly, just create a point or note about the document’s purpose and then expand on it there.

ETA: In relation to Dynalist, I’m merely (and happily) a forum mod, so if you see me write horrible code, don’t worry about it going into Dynalist.


Thanks for the cool forum! Out of interest what technology was used to create it?

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Discourse with some custom CSS styles :slight_smile:.

I’m an old software fan now living in the depths of the UK West Country. I had an IT career where I saw the whole of the Internet and personal computing develop in front of me. I’m looking for the perfect package to organise a complex retirement and to help to stave off the effects of ageing - Dynalist could be the very thing!