Weird OCD request ... disable the blinking cursor

I use a script to stop the cursor from blinking on other sites (namely, Google Docs), because I have an irrational hate for blinking cursors. And ticking clocks. You get the idea :slight_smile:

Without knowledge of how to make this kind of external script myself, I was wondering if anyone knew how to do that kind of thing.


Can you link me to the script you mentioned to disable the cursor in Google Docs from blinking?

Here it is:

I took a look at the CSS, unfortunately it only disables the “fake” cursor the Google Docs creates.

Any other script that you use on other websites…?


I also started to get distracted by my curser, but for me what really helped was curserceror. It can hide the curser at will or a set interval. I have mine set to a very low interval, so the moment I stop moving the curser it disappears. No regrets. Sorry if this doesn’t solve the blinking exactly. What exactly do you mean by blinking, anyway?

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Ah, I’m on PC, so looks like that won’t work.

By blinking, I just meaning the cursor appearing in a normal fashion (appears for a second, gone for a second, appears for a second …)

The Google Docs one is the only one I normally use – there is a chrome extension that doesn’t work for most sites:

I use Dynalist to take notes while another window is open (such as a video lecture), so that’s why the blinking is a bit more annoying for me personally.

This is a workaround. Use the following CSS and change the transparency of the cursor to 10% so it doesn’t appear that prominently. Hope it works!

If anyone finds another solution, please update here:

    body {
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