Weekly update: 2017 week #17

This is our weekly update for the 17th week of 2017.


[Tagging] Tag auto-complete can now be triggered at the beginning of line.


[iOS closed beta] After much investigation, we fixed the “No document is open” problem after switching out of app right after opening it. We encountered a problem when submitting the newest version (1.1.2) to the App Store, and the update will arrive after we sort this out.

[UI/minor] The font chosen in preference will now apply to the Search Everywhere results.

[UI/minor] Fixed more Help Center dead links.


We’re working on converting the entire code base from JavaScript ES6 to TypeScript (it rocks!) this past week, in the hopes that it will speed up future development.

P.S. We’ll (Erica and Shida) be on semi-vacation for the next few weeks, so we might be a bit less responsive. Just FYI!

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Hopefully that doesn’t mean more bugs, right? Haha. Also, is Typescript friendly for newbies to JS?

Nope, TypeScript means it’s harder to make mistakes in JS. When we do, it just won’t compile. We’re also forced to be more explicit about our assumptions, which often prove to be the culprit of nasty bugs.

I would think it’s more friendly than vanilla JS to people coming from object-oriented languages like Java or C#.


Very cool. Thank you.