Web Scraping a dynalist page? Geofencing?

First some context. There are easy to use services, that use the print view of websites (or generally cleaned up views) and email it to you, one example is https://getpocket.com/. My idea is that I can do a certain dynalist search like #traderjoes, and if I go to that URL and press print I get a clean list of things to buy at trader joes. IFTTT geofencing can then vibrate my phone as I walk up to the store and pop that list up as an email notification. Rinse, repeat for home, work, you get the idea.

The problem is dynalist has a sort of loading/splash infinity symbol animation that gets captured instead. I’ve tried a few different web scraper services, they all capture that splash screen instead. Are the services just bad, or is dynalist somehow giving an indication that it’s done loading the web page, but prematurely?

I suppose this idea has hit a dead end because of that splash screen. Maybe this sparks y’alls inspiration to think of a way to make the idea plausible?

Yeah unfortunately Dynalist is not scraper friendly.

Doing it via API is more work but definitely more reliable.