Visual editing bar visibility

I have occasionally seen this visual editing bar:

It’s at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes it’s there. Sometimes it isn’t. I haven’t found any setting to turn it on or off. It just has a mind of is own. How do I make it disappear?

This is on the Windows app in Windows 10.

This is actually the mobile toolbar, it usually comes up when the window is narrow enough.

Thanks! I guess this is a bug report then.

The bug is that that toolbar pops up unpredictably inside the Windows app, and the cursor disappears behind it so I can’t see what I’m typing.

This might be due to your screen size/window size.

Our Dynalist app will sniff out mobile OS or screen size, so no worries. Just maximize your Dynalist app and everything should look normal again!


I tried making the screen size small, and the toolbar didn’t show up. Meanwhile I’ve seen the toolbar while the app was full screen. Size might be related to it, but not in a direct, simple way, that I can tell.

Maybe this post could be considered a feature request, with the feature being “don’t show this bar regardless of screen size”.

I was able to reproduce this myself so it’s likely a bug.

  1. Resize window to 510 pixels or smaller width to active mobile view
  2. Click a list item to activate toolbar
  3. Double-click browser window or click maximize button to maximize window

Toolbar doesn’t disappear. I’m using Firefox 63.0 in Linux. Here’s a screenshot after I made the window bigger again.