Visual bug for drag and drop document into folder

Steps to reproduce

Drag and drop a document into an empty folder works like this:
Fine, you have to drag it a little bit to the right to drop it in there.

Drag and drop a document into a folder that is not empty and collapsed looks like this though:
The whole folder lights up like that, instead of an indented line under the folder as indication that you can drop it.

Just a small visual bug. But I’d prefer to just drag the document over the folder (like in Windows) to drop it:
This way you wouldn’t have to be so precise. But that doesn’t work as of now.

The one difference between Dynalist and Windows is that Windows does not allow you to reorder the files, whereas in Dynalist you can drag a file to be just under that folder. The way we distinguish whether you want to drop inside the folder vs after the folder is to check if your mouse is on the left half of the pane or right half.

The inconsistency between empty and collapsed does look quite weird, so I’ll give that a tweak.

A fix will be deployed in the next release.