Version History have option show only changed portion & group by day/week/month

Recently I went to version history try to find if I may or may not did some changes in the past, but the experience is not great (I still didn’t find what I was looking for). I feel following features can improve my and others experience.

Option for show only changed portion. I think the main purpose for version history is to find out what changes, and I have a lot of check off items which I don’t want to delete (archive purpose), which make the list very long and no real benefits. It will be much better just show only the changed portion of the list instead whole list.

Option have ability group by day/week/month. Right now I feel there are too many versions in history, and it make much harder to find what we looking for. It will be great if there are options show everything changed in day/week/month format (ex. select yesterday show every changed in that day and only changed portion compare to current list), and if you only archive the changed portion after one month (I think one month is more the suffice for most people, since you still have the backup option), you can save a lot more server space too.

Please consider my suggestion and have a great weekend. Thanks.


I’d like to add to this, I’d would be worthwhile to be able to compare user specified different versions.

An example is like how git diff rev1...rev4 which shows returns a diff between rev1 and rev4.