Using Zapier with Dynalist

Even though Dynalist doesn’t yet have an official Zapier integration, you can use Zapier’s webhook feature to post to the Dynalist API.

Here’s an example: Any time I star a message in Gmail, it’s added to my Dynalist inbox along with a link to the original message.


I do the same, but with cards in Trello that I get added to.

One addition that helps me is that I add #trello to the content field, so I can easily see and filter stuff that I got from Trello. My content field looks like this:

{{card__name}} (in {{board__name}}/{{card__list__name}}) #trello

…and in the note field I add both the card URL and the board URL.

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Can you go from DL to Trello with this method?

I am also interested in output from DL. Via Zapier or similar.

My main usecase is to export an item when it gets a certain tag.
The purpose is that I can send ideas or action items elsewhere, that show up when I am taking notes in DL.
I like to have DL as main capture / note taking tool because it is so fast. And because the tagging is so powerful.
But without the export like this, I don’t really get a proper value out of it.

Me too. Integration between different apps would make Dynalist a game changer.

Have you seen this: