Using Vivaldi to display Dynalist horizontally

Vivaldi Browser was mentioned in another post but this shows how i use it. It almost feels like a expansive heads up display This is the closest thing i can get to a horizontal view


now with a calendar view… this is super simple but useful…


Thanks for the idea! I hadn’t considered doing this with Vivaldi before. Very cool.

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This is a hack right now i cant obviously drag items across lists… so I’m trying an app called, shown above and it allows me to do this…but it has its own set of issues…so i wouldnt recommend it yet… but im finding for my use its important to have horizontal lists…

This is moving into Kanban territory…

For moving between horizontal panes I use:

click into item to be moved -> ctrl+a twice -> ctrl x —> go to new location -> ctrl v

I find this perfectly good and very quick - probably similar in speed to a true drag and drop and more accurate / less clumsy - I suspect I would still use this even if drag and drop between panes existed


Possibilities are more than Kanban,
i and maybe others like thinking horizontally and vertical, it makes the tool more flexible.
Not to mention it’s better use of widescreen space and there is no back and forth between viewing lists. Its a basic usecase, it’s like having two browser windows open side by side or two documents open. Those reasons and more make this legitimately more than just a Kanban view


Hello. I use vivaldi with Dynalist with horizontal tabs. How do you configure your layout ? Thank you.

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I also use the great Vivaldi browser (my default) with Dynalist.

I simply keep 3 Dynalist tabs (at least) permanently open in a separate Vivaldi window, clustered in a single tab, so that I can take a quick look at 3 various Dynalist lists without having to switch away from them.

If I do need to go quickly to another list, I do that via the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+O for me) or via that list’s bookmark in the Bookmarks panel.

(I keep the Bookmarks panel permanently visible in one of the 3 Dynalist tabs I have open permanently.)