Using Tags

I am new to Dynalist after using many tools. One thing I seem to be missing is the use of Tags. Basically to be able to tag a document or an item with one or more tag and then have the ability to reference the notes/items by tag

Just type # and then your tag name. Clicking on the tag will filter by that tag.

If you get Dynalist Pro, you have access to a Tag Pane.

Tag pane

Tag pane allows you to see all the tags in the current document and across all documents. The count of each tag will also appear in it.

You can rename tags in a document by right clicking on it and select “Rename”.

So I can add my #TagName any place in the document?

1- is there a way for the tags I add to an item or to a document not to distort the readability (think how notes appear de-emphasised below an item)

2- can I have wiki style cross referencing maybe from the Tag Pane you mentioned?

Yes, anywhere, including the notes area.

  1. Some users have addressed this through CSS. Search this forum for details.
  2. Cross referencing is probably best handled by links. Type [[ to set up a link to another bullet point.

Welcome to Dynalist by the way. I’m sure you’ll find it powerful and versatile. Good luck!