Using Dropbox for file attachments

I’m looking for information to use my Dropbox account with Dynalist and I’m not finding detailed information. I’ve looked through the forums and help page and didn’t find much there.

Thanks for your help!


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Dropbox integration (at the moment) is used for backups of your Dynalist stuff, not for directly linking from. If you want to attach something from Dropbox, you’ll have to manually create the link and maybe use one of the formatting tricks when you paste it to a list item.

Admittedly, this would be a great enhancement. Linking directly from Dropbox or Google Drive would probably save a lot of overhead for Dynalist, give a sense of security of our files, and solve my problem of not being able to upload anything to my lists from a mobile device.


Hello Keith, thanks for your explanation.

I guess when developers mention Dropbox integration they typically define it as the ability to link files inside of their app. While I appreciate the backup feature, I’m more interested in linking files directly through Dynalist without having to search out and copy the link myself. Like you, I want a method of collecting, linking and removing Dropbox files as fast (and securely) as possible.

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Yeah, that would be useful. The feasibility of this feature stills needs to validated, as when we’re working with their API, it’s really up to them if something can be done or not. I believe they do have a search interface, but it might not be fast enough to provide real time suggestions (like internal links), making it less useful.

Do you think this should be a Pro feature or not, if it does come out?

Erica, I think in-app file linking with Dropbox and Evernote should be a paid feature as it really allows Dynalist to be the central hub for daily organizing and planning. I would also add "email to Dynalist"a to be in this killer feature category.


Thank you for the input! Those are my thoughts too.

One thing to note is that while I hope everyone uses Dropbox, truth is that many people use Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, and maybe Box. They all have their own set of APIs, so what we can on one platform may be impossible in another. I think we’ll start with Dropbox, but we need to take that into account when designing it.

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Yeah, I stopped using Dropbox and use GDrive exclusively for cloud storage so linking to Dropbox does nothing for me but linking to GDrive would do everything for me!!!

I realize one must come before the other, but hopefully it won’t be too long in between.


I do appreciate you folks planning for Dropbox support but if Google Drive is easier and faster, I’d just as soon use GDrive with Dynalist. :slight_smile:

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I use Google Drive to store images for DL. Dropbox had an easier way of sharing but now Google is.

I use AutoHotkey to take a view URL and automatically, on paste, convert it into an embed link. Most of the stuff I use in DL are screenshots and similar “how to” images. I just plop them in a specific folder which is set to shared; this way I don’t need to set sharing permissions on a per file basis.


Sounds good, can you share this workflow how you use autohotkey for this


  • Images are stored in a shared folder to prevent having to set per-file sharing
  • Once uploaded, click the file so you get a URL with the word view in it. If the preview doesn’t show it, use the hamburger menu and click Open in new window

  • Copy the URL. Go into a note in Dynalist. Hit CTRL ALT W. Done.

The code uses a non-native clip() function because it is much faster in outputting text. Without it, delays cause links and text to break.

If you’re using Apps for your Domain, customize to your own domain name



; CTRL ALT W to paste sharing link into Dynalist
  ; Keep original
  ClipSaved := Clipboard
  originalLink := Clipboard
	; clean up the pasted link for App Domains
	StringReplace, clipboard, clipboard,,,All
	; clean up the pasted link for standard links
	StringReplace, clipboard, clipboard,,,All
	StringReplace, clipboard, clipboard,/view,,All
	; change link to export view link	
  StringReplace, clipboard, clipboard,,,All
  exportLink := Clipboard
  text = ![Screenshot](%exportLink%) | [Original](%originalLink%)
  ;Clipboard := ClipSaved

; ========= CLIP(BOARD) FUNCTION ==========

Clip(Text="", Reselect="") ; , modified February 19, 2013
	Static BackUpClip, Stored, LastClip
	If (A_ThisLabel = A_ThisFunc) {
		If (Clipboard == LastClip)
			Clipboard := BackUpClip
		BackUpClip := LastClip := Stored := ""
	} Else {
		If !Stored {
			Stored := True
			BackUpClip := ClipboardAll ; ClipboardAll must be on its own line
		} Else
			SetTimer, %A_ThisFunc%, Off
		LongCopy := A_TickCount, Clipboard := "", LongCopy -= A_TickCount ; LongCopy gauges the amount of time it takes to empty the clipboard which can predict how long the subsequent clipwait will need
		If (Text = "") {
			SendInput, ^c
			ClipWait, LongCopy ? 0.6 : 0.2, True
		} Else {
			Clipboard := LastClip := Text
			ClipWait, 10
			SendInput, ^v
		SetTimer, %A_ThisFunc%, -700
		Sleep 20 ; Short sleep in case Clip() is followed by more keystrokes such as {Enter}
		If (Text = "")
			Return LastClip := Clipboard
		Else If (ReSelect = True) or (Reselect and (StrLen(Text) < 3000)) {
			StringReplace, Text, Text, `r, , All
			SendInput, % "{Shift Down}{Left " StrLen(Text) "}{Shift Up}"
	Return Clip()

The result is an image with the text Screenshot, followed by a link to the original file:


I had trouble with images in Google Drive, until I right clicked on them in the browser and copied their image address, which worked.


Is there a feature request for this yet? One I can vote for?

Sorry there’s no feature request to vote for this at this point, copying the link over from your Dropbox is the way to do it right now.

Or we could start a new post to gather interest – this post seems to have gone a bit off-topic.

Personally, I would be very much interested in this. Working with attachments in Dynalist is rather cumbersome at the moment, and this would relieve the process multifold. (And would finally allow me to ditch Evernote for good!)

Plus, you would not have to host any attachments yourselves - which is a can of worms on its own, I imagine!

I see, thanks for the input!