Using ancestor on dates?

Is there any way to use the search operator ancestor with a date operator? I’d like to have a bookmarked search for ancestor:within:today to see the children of anything that is tagged for today. That way, it would be possible to define a node as a day and see everything connected to that with one glance.
I’d switch to using tags as dates (e.g. #20210917), but that would break the search for date ranges.

I don’t think so. ancestor just takes keywords.

Your goal is to avoid putting the date on each item, and nest them under a date instead?

Exactly. I find that to be somewhat clunky, but since it does not seem to be possible to show the children of search results, there does not seem to be any good alternative to putting a date on every item…

You can expand children under search, but not in “Search in all documents”. I don’t know if you already tried “within:0d” or “until:0d”, but they will show you items within today, and you can just expand the children. Unless I miss something, but I think that’s what you want.

Ah, I didn’t realize that there is a difference when searching only in one document, thanks! I’ll have to reconsider my approach to splitting stuff between documents, but at least then that should work.