Useful Mental Models

Inspired by this post, I made a dynalist for a blog post that Gabriel Weinberg made earlier this year on Mental Models that he finds frequently useful.

Unfortunately I was unable to copy the respective Wikipedia pages for each model, but you are free to copy the list and split up the work amongst friends, so that way I can add them to the main link (or use yours) and credit whoever helped accordingly.


Here’s the link Community Version of the document, which can be edited.


Awesome list! :smiley:

I was thinking, maybe it’d be useful if we can tag #frequent, #occasional, and #rare?

Though ‘Metal’ models might be very interesting in their own way, it is clear that “Mental” is intended.


Sorry, should also have said, very grateful for this fine list.

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Fixed the typo, @JP1 hope you don’t mind! :joy:

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I appreciate it, thank you!

Here’s a link that you guys can use if you’d like to incorporate some edits. They include the tags that Erica suggested.


Thank you! Wonderful list!


You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by on the forum. :slight_smile:

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this seems appealing & tempting but as said on

my dyna – ~ ** { Making Life Better } ** ~

  • i wish that your blog post was a far easier to read list

than horrid blocks of texts (which i presume the medium posts are since med posts usually are)

cos it isn’t, im not going to touch it

also, there’s likely only a top 3 mental model

also, there’s likely lots of duplicate ‘models’

that are phrased differently but are actually conceptually & fundamentally the same

maybe i’ll check an updated version in the future

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