Use sync adapter on Android

It seems that currently the lists only refresh when the app is opened, or forced from within the app manually.
It would be very convenient to have a sync adapter take care of the synchronisation. That way the sync would be done in the background and without manually starting the app.
When going on a trip, I usually turn on the tablet and within a few minutes it has all the latest data synchronised, except for Dynalist, which is quickly becoming one of the most important apps for me.

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We recently updated the app so that it syncs not only when it’s first opened, but also when it’s brought to the foreground (resumed). I think there are still some complications for syncing in background though.

@Shida could you explain? Thanks.

Yeah… so unfortunately, since we are running everything in Javascript, there’s no way to properly sync in the background and not consume loads of CPU/battery. On top of that, make the app run in the background is a challenge itself because of the shared code between app UI logic and sync.