URL Link from OSX app links back to browser

When using the OSX Dynalist app, URL links work fine inside the app. You click on a link, and it takes you instantly to that location in the Dynalist OSX app.When you use a link outside the app, it opens a browser and connects to Dynalist online, instead of going to the link location in the already open Dynalist app.

Please fix this so that links originating from the OSX app will be opened in the app, and not in the browser.

Continuing the discussion from URL scheme for iOS app:

Moved to Features.

I believe there’s something we’ll need to register with MacOS to override links to something like dynalist://d/document_id, and redirect it to the app.

Unfortunately that means we can’t actually register https://dynalist.io/d/document_id as a shortcut to the app. I believe this is only possible on iOS (mobile).

I’m not sure how that’ll play out, but I’m not sure if there’s a way for the browser to detect if dynalist:// is registered to an app or not? In either case, you might have to manually replace your links with dynalist:// links once this gets implemented.