Hi Dynalist folks,

Is there a way to get the OPML for a document via URL, as opposed to clicking through the UI? I’ve tried a few guesses, such as dynalist.io/d/.../opml and dynamlist.io/d/…?format=opml, but they all redirect to the main UI.

My use case is that I’m working on some scripts that read Dynalist OPML and perform data analysis and visualization on them (for example, converting Dynalist tree nodes into Markdown headers so I can use it more easily as an outliner). Right now I have to right-click the document, choose “Export…” then copy or click “Download OPML” to get the file on my local machine for the script to consume.

It would be great if the script could directly download the OPML via a URL. Is that possible today?

Thanks much,



No possible right now, sorry!

You can post a feature request about it though. I guess the Developer category would be the most suitable?

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OK, thanks for your quick response! I’ll make a feature request.