URL drag and drop into Dynalist slide over on IOS fails

When I drag and drop an on page URL from Safari into a Dynalist running in the slide over it creates an underlined link for the URL.

If you go to a full screen display of Dynalist the link will work but it is not editable. Also the link doesn’t actually save although some times it leaves the link description. If I go to another document and back again the link is gone.

This on IOS 11.1 on an iPad Pro.

The drag and drop for images works ok.

We haven’t really add support for dragging and dropping anything in to Dynalist slide over/split view, so I guess it working for images is just a coincidence (i.e. you may find out it doesn’t really work later…).

When I wrote the above I meant the image insert mechanism works like it did in the past where Dynalist uploads and provides the image URL for pasting where needed.

I was thinking that the drag and drop mechanism might also elicit a similar response and present the source URL name and link formatted ready for pasting.

I see what you mean. The drag and drop support has been built for uploading images and files but not for processing other kind of text.

Sorry about that, and we’ll try to improve that when we can.

Thanks a lot for letting us know!

Hi @shaunp, we’re cleaning up the bugs and I’ve moved this to a feature request: Upload files and images to mobile app

Closing this for now, I hope that’s understandable!