Uploaded photo displays upside down

I just uploaded a photo. If I hover over the link, the photo displays upside down. It’s also upside down if I set images to be displayed inline. However, if I click on the link, the photo is displayed the right way up in a new browser tab.

How can I make it display correctly when I hover over the link?

OK, I have worked out what is happening. There is an ‘orientation’ attribute in the photo’s EXIF data which indicates the camera (or phone) orientation, where 1 is ‘normal’. The values are:
1 = ^
3 = v
6 = <
8 = >
Most browsers and programs read this and automatically rotate the photo. Obviously Dynalist does not. I will add this as a feature request. In the meantime, I guess I will need to manually rotate the photos before I upload them.

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why do you hold your phone upside down to take pictures

I don’t hold my phone upside down.

It was a landscape picture that was upside down from the expected orientation.

The orientation displays incorrectly for anything other than the upright portrait position.

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I also experience this issue. In my case, many of the photos I’ve tried to upload (originating from an iPhone 6) are not upside but turned 90 degrees from how they appear in every other application, and it’s not obvious how to fix this.