Up and down arrow keys change function to move to start/end of item instead of previous/next item

Steps to reproduce

Use Dynalist for a while, then press up or down arrow keys.

Expected result

Cursor moves to next line / previous line.

Actual result

Cursor moves to start of line / end of line.


Windows 10 app 1.1.2

Additional information

The problem goes away when I close and restart Dynalist. I don’t know what triggers it.

This seems similar to iPad Smart Keyboard Arrow Keys Don’t Work, but I get this on Windows Desktop.

Additional comments

How long exactly is that? My Dynalist app has been open for a few days and I can’t seem to repro that :confused:

Sorry, I really have no idea what the trigger is; I wasn’t trying to say it was a certain number of hours. Maybe it’s some specific action that I perform? I’ve noticed it a couple of times, but haven’t caught on to what it was that caused it.

Of course, if I notice it again, I’ll try to figure out what caused it, but right now I don’t know the steps to reproduce. I wish I could be more helpful!

I was about to say it might be caused by sticky keys (sometimes modifier keys aren’t properly released when you release them physically, causing problems).

But then I figured Ctrl+Up/Down will move the item up or down in Dynalist (unless you customized it?), and Shift+Up/Down will start selecting things. So it doesn’t sound likely that keys got stuck.

And since you’re on desktop app, that eliminates a host of problems that could be caused by browser extensions.

Thanks in advance! I wish we could repro and fix it too. Let’s work together to figure it out!