"Untitled" name not highlighted for quick rename after creating new document

Steps to reproduce

Create a new document.

Expected result

New document is created with name “Untitled” and it should have this name highlighted so you can begin typing what you wish to name it, overwriting “Untitled”.

Actual result

New document is created, and it immediately highlights it (blue selection) and then in under a second the cursor moves to the beginning of the name, no longer highlighting “Untitled”. So to title it you have to press ctrl+A (Windows) to reselect “Untitled” and then begin typing the name you want.


Windows 10, Chrome 71.0.3578.98

Additional information

Additional comments

Sorry for opening so many bug reports tonight, I just started using the service as Google is finally killing Google Tasks Canvas (R.I.P.) and I needed a replacement, so I’ve just stumbled upon a few small issues while getting setup that I thought I’d report. Really enjoying the product! I should have switched over much sooner, this is so much more powerful than my previous setup!