Unplanned downtime

Hi everyone! Our hosting service is having some trouble at their data center. I was last told that the data center lost power (and back up power!!) and they are working to restore everything.

I am on standby to boot things up as soon as the servers come online. Will update this thread when that happens.

Apologies for the downtime.

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Update: Server seems up again. It will take a bit of time to catch up to missed sync.

I will continue to monitor the situation. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you for the update. Being on-call isn’t easy either, so we appreciate your work and your team’s time and effort to minimize the disruption.


The site’s been intermittently unavailable this morning. Are there still ongoing issues?

Shouldn’t be anymore. There did seem to have some slowdowns just a few hours ago but I think that’s resolved as well!