"unflatten" search results

I have a flat search bookmarked. I would like to be able to see the flat search when I bookmark, but at times I want to “unflatten” the results. I can do this by making a separate bookmark, but it would be nice to toggle the flatten/unflatten with a click or shortcut.

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I second this :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, currently when I search the search result is to clumsy like below
Project 01
- Task 01 for today
Project 03
- Task 02 for today
Sometimes even deeper. But I would like to see only the tasks like below.

  • Task 01 for today
  • Task 02 for today

Is it possible? I see a feature request planned for Q2 2019. Was it implemented?

The planning document is obsolete. That said,


Is flat search what you’re looking for?

Yes, but it doesn’t search all the documents. I have tasks created across multiple documents. I am looking for something like this.
Document 01
Task 01
task 02
Document 02
Task 01
Task 02

Thank you

you have no other option. Click Search in all documents, and deal with the result as displayed. Sorry.