Underlining + formatting

Steps to reproduce

Select text. Make it underlined and bold/italics using the shortcuts.

*__item__* //plus underlined

Expected result

Underlined, bold and italic text.

Actual result

Only bold or italic text.


Using Dynalist on Chrome.

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Not sure if this is a bug, as before WYSIWYG we don’t support underline, nor do most other Markdown sites. Being able to use Ctrl+U to underline is something we should’ve blocked, because the result is misleading. It looks like the effect is applied, but that’s the browser doing its work.

We only store Markdown plain text in our server, and the syntax does not support underlining right now. In other words, after refreshing, no underline formatting would work. All effects are temporarily made by the browser.

So I’m not sure how to deal with this before WYSIWYG. Block Ctrl+U so the temporary underline effect doesn’t work?

Ahh I see. In that case its probably not a big deal anyway if its going to be replaced soon.:slight_smile:

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I love the concept of markdown, especially since I’m a touch typist.

But the lack of underline is frustrating!!!

I notice that Dynalist supports strikethrough, which is not officially supported either so why not support underline as well? Does your markdown parser support underline? Is there some generally accepted way of indicating underline in other markdown implementations?