Uncheck All Items in a Checklist on Multiple Indent Levels

I have a few large checklists with multiple indent levels that I use daily.
Currently when I select all and use the check/uncheck all command, it only will check/uncheck the top level items. So this means that in order to “reset” the full checklists, I need to go in to every section and use this command on the children items. With a bunch of sections with multiple levels, this is kind of annoying and tedious, and it’d be great if I could have a True check/uncheck all command - not just a check/uncheck all on the top level.
Is there a way to do this that I am just not seeing?


You’re right, there’s no way to do what you want right now.

Others have suggested it as a feature request: Checklist un-checking - Nested checklists


Would definitely like this as well :crossed_fingers:


I am curious what huge swaths of tasks you are completing where it requires branching down to grandchild lists in an automated way. I am imagining a productivity Jesus. Please would a deciple check off the thousand fish and loaves, they are all already fed, but it’s the checkmarks that I am unable to do myself. I check off a few items per day haha.

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Update: http://blog.dynalist.io/2018-week-37-update/

In the latest update, there’s a customizable shortcut for this now!

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Erica, what about for Mobile users? I use Android. Can we have a button to uncheck ALL items in a document? This would be fantastic and would allow me to switch from Google Keep which has this option. “Uncheck all items.”
Thank you for your efforts.

Jack, do you have a workaround for this on the mobile android app?