"Uncheck all children" on mobile toolbar

Hi, I often want to use the “uncheck all children” keyboard shortcut on mobile for repeating checklists. For example:

  • I create a “packing list” for a trip, and reuse that checklist whenever I repack my bag.
  • I create a “morning routine” checklist with a recurring date every day, but since recurring dates do not automatically uncheck children, I need to use the “uncheck all children” shortcut.

Please consider adding “Uncheck all children” to the mobile toolbar. Thank you!


This is pretty niche (it doesn’t even have a default shortcut on web/desktop) so I suppose it will have to go as a custom toolbar option.

Otherwise that sounds pretty good!


This is pretty niche (it doesn’t even have a default shortcut on web/desktop)

I know it doesn’t have a default keyboard shortcut allocated but the facility is there and, personally, I use it all the time in exactly the same way as @Danny_Nelson.


One person’s niche is another person’s nice :wink:


It is? I’m just trying this out and I’m amazed this feature has to be accessed by setting a custom key mapping. It’s been present in every other check-list app I’ve tried. This could actually be a showstopper for me - I use reusable checklists lists all the time.

ETA: Actually, as custom keyboard shortcuts are a pro feature, will I lose this entirely when my free trail ends?

Yes, unfortunately.

We might be able to add it to the menu, but as you can see, the menu is already pretty crowded with all kinds of things you can do with a list item.

Or you could post a feature request about it. From our observation, most users seems satisfied with it being a custom shortcut.

Just adding a voice here, I’m definitely not satisfied with that. Reusable checklists are fundamental to the entire concept of using checklists in the first place. I’m really skeptical about the statement that most users are fine with it being a custom shortcut.