Unable to highlight and copy text [fast] in Dynalist

Steps to reproduce

Try to copy any text in Dynalist. You’ll find, you need to double click the line before you are able to select any text.

Expected result

Click and highlight anything/anywhere on first click (structure/notes).

Actual result


Windows 10 pro

Additional comments

For me as a WF user, this could be a gamechanger. :wink:

I can repro this. I don’t believe it’s like this before, so we’ll see what we can do to fix it.

Thanks a lot for the bug report!

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Thanks, works great now :wink:

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Hi, opening this topic again.

Just found out, the fast selection of the text (between notes) is not working again.

Thanks for investigation :wink:

Is it only for notes? I couldn’t repro with the same steps on Chrome 64 on Windows.

Under what circumstances did it happen to you? Thanks in advance.

Aha, it only happens when the first row in the note is empty. Otherwise it works relativelly ok. :wink:

Relativelly because I found another messy behaviour in notes. I use long notes during my meetings records. That means a lot of fast switching inbetween the long notes (in notes-open theme).

Right now, if the note text reach some size (lets say A4), it suddenly changes the behaviour one would expect. Whenever I click the other long notes text, I get “jumped” to the start of the notes, instead of to the choosed destination.

That means, loosing focus, manually rolling (scrolling down by circle of mouse) the text down to find out the cursor and continue in work.

Please try to repro, if needed more details, gonna create new topic on this one.

Otherwise, cool job, looking forward for next evosteps. :wink:

Please do create a new issue so we can close this old issue :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance!

I see, thanks for pinpointing the issue! Will try to fix it under that condition now.

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Found out, the problem with fast selecting text is also occuring whenever you try to select a text, but start on the “empty” area (for example a little bit off the text on the right etc).

Hope, this helps, thanks.

More repro information above @Shida

I got a fix ready that will be deployed to web by next monday.

Hi @Marek: This should be fixed in the latest versions (please refresh/reload the app to update), could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks in advance!

Yes, the short notes are working fine now, thanks! :wink:

The problem however continues with the long notes. Try to click and select the long note text, especially when seeing just the bottom border of the text note (aka impossible right now).

Screen is jumping up like a cangaroo and no way you could select any text on your first try.

ps: would like to create a new topic on this one, but cant find any easy gif creator (tip welcomed).

Please do, this sounds like a different issue.

What I do with GIFs is to record video to avi or some video format, and use an online converter (like this one) to convert the video to GIF.