Unable to access Pasted Images in Shared Document



Steps to reproduce

Bot me and the other user is a Pro User of Dynalist. We have a shared file. I am Owner they are manager level access. If I paste a photo into the document I can see, but they cannot. If they paste a photo into the document they have access, but I cannot see.

Expected result

Ability to see shared photo since it is a shared document.

Actual result

When I hover image I get a message that says, “Aw Snap! This image failed to load” If I click on the link I’m taken to a page that says, “Access Denied You are not allowed to access this file”


Dynalist app on OSX

Additional information


This is a common issue with file sharing, @Johnny_Knox

You can read more about it from Is my data private?

To make image uploads visible to people whom you’ve shared with, simply check this box under [Dynalist Pro] in your settings:

The reason this option was implemented (and left unchecked by default) is that some people might not appreciate images appearing unsolicited. You can read more about this in our blog!


@Thao Both myself and the other contributor have the button to Allow other to access via link checked yet we still are having the same problem. Any other steps I can take?

In the blog article you mentioned the settings page looks different and I’m assuming this is because it is an older UI.

However in the subtest it says, “this will only apply to new images, not past.” Is there a way I can change old images to make them public?


Are you able to view new image uploads, though? After checking that box, will new images load for you and people you shared with?


Sorry you can’t. But after changing this option it won’t be an issue in the future.