Typing bug on Android app

Steps to reproduce

Open Dynalist app > Turn on edit mode > Start typing on the new line > Go the the next line

Expected result

a) While typing and using keyboard word suggestions expect to see suggested word to appear.
b) When removing word or character and use space after removing expect to see space after removed characters.

Actual result

a) I can see the beginning of the word I started typing plus the whole word again after using suggestion (for example: testest instead of test).
b) After removing character and using space it adds extra random words or parts of words (for example: testtesanotmm instead of test).


Dynalist Android app V 1.1.13
Android 6.0.1 (CyanogenMod 13.)
Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100

I was thinking it could be keyboard bug so I tested it with 2 different keyboards:

  • SwiftKey Keyboard V
  • Standard built-in Android Keyboard


Hi @Mariya, sorry for the late reply!

I think I’ve run into this before, but couldn’t consistently reproduce every time I try. Were you able to run into the issue with the same steps consistently?

And thanks a lot for the detailed bug report, especially the screencasts. Helps a lot!

Hi Erica, thanks for reply!

I run into the same issue every time I use Dynalist app. Sometimes I am able to type one-two lines of text with no issues, but then the problem starts anyway.

Okay, thanks!

Our testing device only have the Samsung keyboard and Swype. Will somehow get the default Android keyboard to test it out.

This still does not work with the SwiftKey keyboard

Yeah, still haven’t gotten around to fix this. Keyboard auto-completion interaction is complicated, as they often assume the text field is simple and not manipulated by some app. Well, Dynalist happens to be that app… :smile:

We have tracked this bug on our todo list, and will fix it as soon as we have capacity to!

Hey Erica,

thanks for your response.

Is there any fix in the meanwhile? This is a very serious issue and should have priority, it renders the app unusable for me!

Sorry for the late reply!

I was unable to repro the issues following OP’s screen recording with the latest SwiftKey app (v7.0.1.21).

Are you still experiencing this issue?

Yes I am still experiencing this

Screencast to reproduce:

dynalist-keyboard-bug.avi (2.6 MB)

Sorry for the late reply, we were travelling a lot these past two weeks.

I don’t think it should matter that much but what’s your Android version? Swiftkey might work a bit differently on different versions of Android.

Android 6.0.1

This still does happen a lot. Especially when naming/renaming documents in files panel. Latest versions of Gboard and SwiftKey. Android 5.1. İ have autocomplete switched off on both keyboards.

Still happening!
I noticed that you can fix the bug temporarily for the current item if you indent the item and then indent it back.
That might help fixing it?