Two Dates - Due Date and Defer Date

I’d like to have due dates and defer dates. A defer date means “don’t show me the task before the defer date.”

I can manage defer date with some clever searches, a date, and a #defer tag. But date searches in Dynalist appear to assume there is only a single date. e.g. An item:

Task Name Here #defer !2018-09-01 #due !2018-10-01

should mean “defer until September and make it due in October”. But date searches always seem to use the earliest date. Is there a way to disambiguate between multiple dates in an item?


Date search should match both dates.

Can you tell me what you’re searching (i.e. your search term) if you’re trying to match Task Name Here #defer !2018-09-01 #due !2018-10-01?

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Just about exactly what I wanted to ask: “How do you work with multiple types of dates? e.g. Start Date, Due Date, Done/Completed Date, Client Since, Established … all in the same item!” – Add to that, ‘Defer Date’, as explained here. (Great use, btw!)

Not so much concerned with searching multiple dates, (using AND/OR logic), as the ability to associate multiple dates for multiple purposes, and then isolate a single type of date in a search. e.g. “Show me all my clients who have birthdays this month”, “All Contracts aging out in December”, “All projects scheduled to start this month, regardless of Due date”, etc.

If this is not a feature, is there a workaround, or a suggested ‘How To’ way of doing this?