Trying to set keyboard shortcut adds for CONTEXT_MENU

Steps to reproduce

  • Trying to set keyboard to shortcut to Cmd-Shift-Something
  • Press and hold Cmd, about to press next key but just key down on Cmd has already set the shortcut

Expected result

  • App does not set shortcut until all keys are released

Actual result


Web DL, MS Edge 83.0.478.58, macOS 10.15.5
The issue was not reproducible on another browser. For a workaround, I went and set the keyboard shortcut on Firefox 78.0.1, which worked. The configured shortcut then worked back on Edge.

Sorry for the super late reply - didn’t even know Edge works on MacOS!

I’m guessing it’s a bug with Edge at this point, but I’m glad you found a workaround.

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