Trying to get custom Alfred search to work with Dyanlist

So here are my custom Alfred search settings. I’d love to be able to trigger a global dyanlist search from alfred but it doesn’t seem to work. The page just loads forever.

It appears you can’t just load without being on the site already. Can this be changed?

What happens? It works fine on my browser.

It is a bit slow to load though, but it’s kind of to be expected for a fresh load of an all-documents search

Strange. It wasn’t working in safari. Will try again.

You are right it does work it just takes a surprisingly long time. If I launch dynalist normally and run a global search it is quicker.

I am hypothesizing, but I think when you open a dynalist search URL in a new tab it first downloads the web app html/css/js files, then it downloads the entire default document, then it downloads all of the other documents, and only after all this is loaded up into RAM does the all documents search script run.

Basically it’s slow to load because it’s all processed client-side (which needs to be loaded) rather than server-side (where they leave it all loaded in the cloud ready to go)

I think the best solution would be for the devs to add to the desktop app a dynalist:// URI scheme so alfred could search already loaded documents but I don’t they ever added that. They added it to their other electron app tho

I wonder if you’d have more luck with heavy scripting on which is like dynalist but stores things in local markdown

Thanks for the replies. It isn’t a big problem that would cause me to look elsewhere.