True black theme for my AMOLED display phone

I have a Smasung S7 and it saves a lot of power of the background colour is set to a true or
Pure black. We are talking #000. No shades of grey.


Maybe custom CSS is a better solution to this problem, otherwise we’ll have two themes that look almost identital…

I’m not aware of a plug in that works on Android or Chrome for Android that would enable custom CSS. While possible on the desktop, it’s not on mobile where the desired effect would be.

Often it’s implemented as a checkbox for “True black” in apps on Android (be it the Android App or mobile), rather than as an entirely new theme (for instance it wouldn’t do anything if you had the sepia theme selected and had True black selected).

Just my $0.02CAD on that.

That would work too.

Sorry for not being clear, but “custom CSS” I meant Dynalist’s custom CSS, like how Wordpress allows you to edit the CSS.

Oh I understand! Yes that would certainly be an option as well, to make the CSS used by dynalist to be customizable. I thought you were referring to something like stylish or similar (as recommended solution by Workflowy for customization there)

We won’t officially recommend using Stylish to solve problems, since it’s not cross platform. It also requires you to install third party stuff, which not everyone is comfortable with.

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Although the two themes are almost identical, two are needed at the same time.
Apps including Pocket, Monospace and other apps have true black mode listed in the settings.
True black mode is an important feature and should not be considered something similar to black. They look totally different on AMOLED displays.

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Update: implemented, coming to the mobile app soon!

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Released in 1.1.15 :slight_smile:

Sorry to revive an old thread, but can we get an AMOLED option for the web browser client too?

I know it’s very unusual, but my tablet PC has an OLED screen and the dark-grey background of the dark mode is much less preferable to true black

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