Trello Roadmap

I know this has been mentioned previously here, but I suspect there is a general lack of awareness of the Dynalist roadmap on Trello. Especially amongst new users. It would help to have it included in the drop down menu. Apart from awareness, I’m also wondering if the Trello roadmap is working as well as it did in the early days of Dynalist. Users seem more inclined to debate new feature proposals in this forum and the existing roadmap seems to have stagnated a little. My experience with dedicated platforms for feature requests, like Uservoice, has been mixed, but I think it’s important for all feature requests to be considered, prioritized and planned, actively and visibly. Thanks.

For the record, roadmap is here.

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I don’t know if there’s a perfect platform for this. It’s always a challenge to detect duplicate feature requests, for example. Sometimes two feature requests are very similar but not quite the same, and they get votes split among them.

We’ve restrained from putting every feature request on Trello for this reason.

Other than UserVoice, there are also newer solutions like (example They all seem to me that things will get messy sooner or later.

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