Trash for deleted documents



We’ve all had those days…


More seriously, here are the ways this could look that I can think of (in order of increasing preference)

  1. An ‘undo’ toast (à la Gmail)
  2. A special trash that stores deleted notes for up to 30 days (à la Google Keep). Perhaps as a special folder in the file pane or a pane accessible by a new button in the file pane toolbar?


Happy to report that this feature is planned and will be available soon!

We’re inclined to the second one. It’s more forgiving. If you suddenly remember that you shouldn’t have deleted the document 5 days ago, the Gmail method doesn’t help… the damage is done.

We’re picturing a simple pop up where all deleted folders or documents will be listed out, with their names, deletion date, and a “Restore” button. Pressing the “Restore” button will send this file to your root folder, because we currently do not track where a file was after it’s deleted. Not sure if not restoring to the exact original location is a probably, as you probably only restore files every once few days.

How does that sound? Thanks!



IMO that’s totally fine. This is more of an “Oops, just accidentally deleted this” thing or an “Shoot, I need that specific thing from a couple of days ago” thing. Either way, we’ll remember what we want to restore specifically and will be able to put it back in the right place ourselves.



Any updates on this feature?


Sorry, haven’t gotten around to it yet.

If you accidentally deleted something, please let us know and we can restore it for you.