Transclusion and node_id

So after playing around with the API, and looking at how each node in a document has its assigned ID, i am curious about the difficulties of implementing transclusion or cloning.

It seems to me that the child node id’s which already exists would cover the concept of including another node in another location. In otherwords, it seems the data model supports the concept.

It totally supports it, from a data standpoint. The difficulty for the app is that it was engineered from day 1 to only show a single copy of each node, and thus a lot of things revolves around looking up the ID of the node to find UI elements. For transclusion to happen, this assumption would be broken, thus a major rewrite/refactor of the app is required.

This makes sense now. I am not sure how reflective the API is of the actual data model, but I do like the concept that each node is basically standalone and linked through child references. This allows a very flexible data model.

I can’t imagine how complicated the UI code is to maintain. I was exploring RemNote, and they have some similar UI display, and also very different. Did the UI start from scratch or is the outliner based on some existing library?

It’s entirely custom written since 2015.