Trailing space and searching for tags

Consider this example list:

  • Item 1 #tag-stuff #othertag
  • Item 2 #tag-stuff
  • Item 3 #tag #othertag
  • Item 4 #tag

Question 1: Should clicking on #tag search for "#tag " or “#tag”? At present the search is for "#tag ", with a trailing space, which will match item 3 and 4 but not 1 or 2. This is different to Workflowy, but could be argued to be correct and a matter of user preference.

Question 2: Type “#tag -#othertag” into the search box. It will match item 4 but not item 2. This is consistent with the existing behavior from question 1. But suppose I want to search for #tag -#othertag"? The only way to code that seems to be “-#othertag #tag”, such that there is no trailing space because “#tag” is at the end of the search string. You can imagine a situation where I wish to search for “#tag #somethingelse” but this is not possible since a space is required to search the two search terms.

This seems to me to be a usability issue. Perhaps there is a way to quote or escape “#tag” but I could not find it.

I guess this is better posted in General or Help, since it’s more like usability discussion, not a clear-defined bug.

I guess only a poll will tell us :slight_smile:

If you want you can go ahead and post one in Polls!

I’m confused, how is the first “#tag -#othertag” different than the second “#tag -#othertag”?

You said it matches item 4 but not item 2, isn’t that the expected results? Are you expecting something else?