Toolbar from Mobile App in Mobile browser

The toolbar used in your mobile app (the one that is anchored to the bottom of the screen) is very nice for use on mobile devices (iPhone and iPad for me).

However, sometimes I am in the browser on the iPhone and iPad working in Dynalist, and it has a floating toolbar. I find this floating toolbar to be rather intrusive as working on an outline. Just a small suggestion, to think about using the toolbar from the mobile app in the mobile browser experience.

Warm regards,

Thanks for the suggestion!

It would be much easier if the toolbar is the same on all mobile apps and browsers… that way we don’t even need to maintain multiple copies of code for the exact same functionality.

Unfortunately, what we did in the mobile app is technically impossible Safari, and we’ve thrown many, many hours into it. If I remember correctly, if we fix the toolbar to the bottom, it will not be visible when the keyboard pops up, which I think is worse than what we have now. At least it’s functional while you edit.

Sorry about that!