Toggle UI keyboard shortcut

Problem: I use Dynalist for presentations instead of PowerPoint. Really great for this. The only drawback is that the text is small, so I hit ctrl + enter to enlarge it. But this also enlarges the UI items (top bar, breadcrumbs area, and bottom button bar), which are distracting. So I would like to see a reading mode, both for reading, and for presentations. Maybe for navigation the breadcrumb area might need to remain, but the other two items would be nice to hide.

This would be confusing for new users, who might not know how to get back to the UI, so there should not be a button in the UI to do this. It should be keyboard shortcut only, so only those who really want to do this can do it.

I did manage to offset this need somewhat by using the Large font option in the settings, but still it would be niceā€¦