"Toggle numbered list"

“Toggle numbered list” doesnt appear in the ‘menu’




oh that’s just for children links/lines under what you highlighted

not sure if this was changed over time since never used it, but the shortcut panel doesnt mention children

do you think that could be fixed eventually?

i guess there’s no way currently to number top lines? and it only works on the sub-lines?

is this ever going to be fixed?

other things have this worded consistently

with everything else, you expect ‘toggle numbered list’ to number everything like how everything else does

if it’s only limited to children, the wording should reflect that

You can use this action for the top (document root) item.

it does not number the top/root/main/first level/parent bullet points

  • this is why the question was initially asked

  • this appears to be the case given the wording of ‘number children’

  • if that’s the case the wording in the ‘menu’ and the ‘shortcut list’ is mismatched and inconsistent

The document title self is not numberable. I don’t see why it’s necessary either, because the document title will not have anything on the same level as itself. Numbering one thing sounds meaningless.

Seriously? Read your original question. Nowhere was “top/root/main/first level/parent bullet points” mentioned. C’mon! :wink: