Toggle color label keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+L) not working

I tried on both chrome and desktop app. It didn’t work. But this feature works on my other computer. Not sure why. Help?

Thanks in advance.

Looks like you’re on the free trial – could it be that you accidentally made a custom shortcut?

You can check that in Settings - Keymap.

Thanks. I created a Keymap with Ctrl+Shift+K which seems to work. I think some software is overriding the Ctrl+Shift+L. Need to investigate this on my end.

Just in case someone has the same issue, it took me quite some time to find a solution but after a bit of research I’ve found that it was another program’s fault.

Is another software overriding my hotkey?

To see if another program is using a specific hotkey, I used this program, which shows a list of all the registered hotkeys on Windows. If Ctrl + Shift + L is on the list, it means something else is already using that shortcut, which means it won’t work on Dynalist. Unfortunately the Nirsoft program does not tell you which program has registered the hotkey.

Which software is overriding my hotkey?

The simplest and most effective solution I’ve found is described here. It may not be that easy for non-computer-savvy people but in my case it helped me find the root of the problem, AMD Radeon Settings, which is most probably installed by default on your system if you have an AMD-powered computer.

If you have this software, to change the hotkey you have to go to Games > Global Settings > Performance Tracking, there you’ll find two hotkeys you can change. In my case I changed the hotkey to Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L. And finally I can change label colors again :slight_smile:

Note: this is mostly useful to Free users, if you have a Pro subscription it’s much more convenient to change your Dynalist hotkeys directly. But if you absolutely want to use Ctrl + Shift + L, there you have it.

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I have this problem on osx and now I’ll research how to change Dynalist hotkeys thanks