To Who is trying to use Dynalist in the future

I am a Dynalist pro user and I have used it for 1 month.

I really enjoy using it and it is very helpful to study my project and manage my time!

So, I recommend it to my best friends and my girlfriend.
They also liked it and paid for the pro version.

However, it was a shock.
I just want to check the update of dynalist but there is no updated Announcement but only a bug fix since June 2021…
At that moment I felt shXt because I already pay for it and I am now forced to use it for 1 year without an update.

If I know earlier about that, I would not pay for the pro version.

The team which made dynalist now focus on the Obsidian because it is more popular.

I feel sorry for my friends and my gf.

To who is trying to use dynalist
Plz, don’t waste your money on it. just buy obsidian or anything else.
I think that there won’t have any update in dynalist.
its life is over as you can see from the last update date.

It works great. It doesn’t need an update for the time being. What do you need it to do that it doesn’t already? The core project is excellent and highly usable.

I think most people can function just fine on what it offers and you can export markdown if we ever need to switch system. Personally I am happy with where it is at the moment. I think it’s future feels just as secure as the other list managing systems out there.


It does work great. And it does need an update. Here are some of the many improvements that could be made:

  • Mirroring
  • Threading
  • Boards
  • Desktop only features exposed in mobile app
  • Reminders for dates
  • Outlook calendar
  • Onedrive backup
  • Etc.

There’s quite a few ways Dynalist could be even better that wouldn’t in any way affect it’s current simplicity and ease of use and it’s entirely reasonable to expect that for a subscription service that makes no mention of EOL or LTM status.

Dynalist remains much smoother than Workflowy or Obsidian (even with all the plugins and recent list enhancements) and easier than Roam or esp. Logseq but that doesn’t mean there is no reason to evolve the software.

Thank you for giving me your opinions.

I thought that no one read my writing. So, I quite wrote it with a fit of anger in some parts because I think I love so much using this program.
Sorry about that.

I agree that it is a really great note and, To be honest, I have not found any problems so far. It positively works every part of my job. I like it!

However, I believe that there is a potential to be a better note than others. For me, it is not enough with just fixing bugs. Every other notes get better and better and, with some feedback, they are more useful and efficient for individuals.

So, What I want to say is that I love this note but since the programmers move to the Obsidian, I guess that Dynalist might stay in the same place without any development. I am sad about that.

I liked that I can share opinions with others.
Thank you guys.

That latest update 1 year ago was a major engine update to Electron v13.0. It’s what folks download. Smaller updates are invisible and done via the web in the js/html/css. There have been minor bug fixes more recently. They still fully maintain the software and server to keep everything working smoothly. I paid for 1 year very recently too (december 26). It is worth it to me. I consider it finished software, with no plans for a sequel, but should remain a great tool long into the future.